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Sauteed Cabbage With Proscuitto
Vegetables and Side Dishes

Cabbage With Proscuitto

A typical Italian vegetable preparation, except we don’t cook our veggies for as long!  Italians have a way with veggies and that’s a fact! I’ve used pancetta, guanciale and double smoked bacon, all  were good.  If you like young collard greens, you might like to try cooking them this way.  When I did, everyone liked […]

Saltimbocca alla Romana Being Sauteed

Saltimbocca alla Romana

When my sage bush is turning out it’s new leaves is when I like to cook Saltimbocca.  Checchino dal 1887 Trattoria in Rome has it on their menu.  Having tried a number of Saltimbocca recipes, I find this one to be really simple and have rated it to be the best Saltimbocca I’ve made so […]

4 of My Fennel & Proscuitto Bruschetta

Phyllis’ Fennel And Prosciutto Bruschetta

Some may turn their noses up to leftovers but why can’t we do something new and delicious with them!  This is what we agreed was a clever use of leftovers. I’d made salad with thinly sliced fennel and Proscuitto the day before and wanted to do something with the leftovers and bruschetta seemed like the […]