Saltimbocca alla Romana Being Sauteed

Saltimbocca alla Romana

When my sage bush is turning out it’s new leaves is when I like to cook Saltimbocca.  Checchino dal 1887 Trattoria in Rome has it on their menu.  Having tried a number of Saltimbocca recipes, I find this one to be really simple and have rated it to be the best Saltimbocca I’ve made so far!  It’s simple, easy to do and quick to make.  I’ve wondered what boneless chicken breasts that have been pounded out or even thin slices of pork might be like…might be worth a try!

Makes 4 Servings

8 slices veal scalloppine
3 oz. proscuitto
8 – 16 fresh sage leaves, depending on the size of the leaves
Flour for dusting
3 ½ Tbsp. butter
2/3 cup dry white wine
Salt & freshly ground pepper

Lay the veal slices flat on a clean work surface and pound thin, to approximately 1/8″, between pieces of wax paper. Don’t put everything you’ve got into the pounding! Place a slice of proscuitto on the veal; top with sage leaves or place a large leaf in the middle of each scalloppine. Fold each end of the scalloppine into the middle overlapping slightly. Secure with a toothpick or two. I use 5″ or 6” wooden skewers that seem to work really well. Sprinkle veal lightly with the salt & pepper.

Melt the butter over medium-high heat in a large sauté pan. Dust the veal lightly with the flour, shaking off any excess. Cook for a couple of minutes per side, until lightly browned. **Do not over do this step as the veal will finish it’s cooking when you add the wine. Add the wine & allow it to evaporate. Reduce the heat, cover the pan with a lid and keep simmering for a few minutes. Turn off the heat, keeping the lid on the pan until ready to serve.

In Italian this would be called simplice ma buona, simple but good and so it is.

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