Marinade for Seafood or Fish Brochettes, Dark Brown Plate, Baguette Slices

Seafood or Fish Brochettes

A very tasty marinade I like a lot for prawns or a combination of both scallops and prawns or Spot Prawns, or one of my favourites, halibut cheeks!  I’ve  used the marinade for small skewered appetizers too.  The seafood/fish can either be barbecued or broiled.  Simply increase the recipe according to the amount of fish or seafood you are using.

8 – 12 oz scallops, prawns or halibut cheeks
2 Tbsp. EVO
1 ½ tsp. stone ground Dijon Mustard
½ clove garlic, minced
Salt & pepper
1/8 tsp. or more to taste, red pepper flakes
½ – 1 tsp. fresh thyme (make sure you use fresh as it lends a wonderful sweetness)

Whisk all ingredients together pour over seafood, coating well.  Marinate no longer than 3 hours in the fridge or 1 hour at room temperature.

Place the seafood on the well-soaked skewers and broil or barbecue for 2 minutes or so per side or until the prawns change colour and the scallops feel done.  Best not to overcook the scallops or they will be dry and tough.


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