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Quiche with Bacon & Onion, Orange, Black Olive Salad
Egg and Brunch Dishes

My Go To Quiche

The very first time I made quiche was in the 1970’s! I had invited a bunch of my “girlfriends” over for Sunday brunch and wanted to make them something none of us had ever had before. I stumbled upon a recipe for “Quiche Lorraine” in one of my few cookbooks and in my opinion, it […]

Chicken Braised in Saffron Cream, Broccoli, Fancy Plate with Dark Blue Trim

Braised Chicken In Saffron Cream And Pasta

If you like saffron, this one is for you!  The flavour and fragrance of the saffron and wine is wonderful! When I make this dish I often serve it in the Italian manner, using some of the sauce to dress the paccheri/pacchero pasta as a primi?1st course, then serve the chicken drizzled with more sauce […]

Mexican Style Picadillo, Corn Tortillas, Guacamole
Appetizers, Mains

Mexican Style Picadillo

This is one handy recipe! I often make up a batch, use some for the tortillas and freeze the rest to use for other things, like making an appetizer by filling phyllo cups with the heated mixture, topping that with guacamole or as a filling for a burrito…thinking it might be pretty good with a […]

Cooked Meatballs Cooling on Rimmed Baking Sheet. Recipe Post Has a Number of Different Meatball Recipes. Also Used in Make Some Meatballs.
Appetizers, Mains

Meatballs, A Hosts’ Friend

I personally don’t believe you can have too many recipes for meatballs!  From serving as appetizers or a main course or whatever else you can think of!  These recipes have all received 2 thumbs up!  Perfect party food to my mind!  My friend Domenica Marchetti has an excellent eggplant version…no meat and totally delicious bathed […]

Meatballs with Mushroom Sauce, White Bowl, Italian Spoon

Anne’s Meatballs

When I worked at the corporate dining room, we made bucketful’s of these meatballs for receptions,coated with a sauce made from grape jelly, chili sauce and a squeeze of lemon juice; probably sounds a bit odd, but tastes pretty good! They were always a hit.  We also like to make them for a main course, making them larger and serving with different […]


Phyllis’ Meatloaf

Meatloaf!  It’s our kind of “comfort food.”  This recipe comes together easily, and a good thing to make on a work night.  The meatloaf can be served warm, room temperature or even cold.  My husband has a particular fondness for meatloaf sandwiches! For the Meatloaf: 1 ½ lbs. ground beef ½ lbs. ground veal ¼ […]

Brazilian Empanadas, Rainbow Plate
Appetizers, Mains

Brazilian Empadas/Empanadas

The famous Brazilian meat pies!  We really enjoy them in the summer either for lunch or dinner with a salad! They are perfect to take along on a picnic or to make appetizer size and take to a party.  Bonus…they can be eaten hot or at room temperature!  If you wish, you can add a few […]

Ingredients for Making Greek Lemon Chicken Marinade
Barbequing and Grilling, Mains

Greek Lemon Chicken

We love this chicken! Whiffs of a Mediterranean summer, fragrant with the scents of lemon and fresh oregano. I have used chicken wings too and made small kebabs with chicken breast to use as an appetizer. It is particularly good on the barbecue but then what isn’t? Oh and did I mention easy? Increase recipe […]