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Spring – What’s In Season??

Early To Late Spring: A bevy of wonderful, fresh, local delicacies are coming into season. Once tasted, never forgotten! June brings juicy, jewel red strawberries with cream; just thinking about them makes my mouth water. Halibut comes into season in April. I love this fish, especially when marinated and barbecued. In May come the spot […]


Coconut Spot Prawns

Succulent, slightly exotic and absolutely fantastic with either of the dips. When I make them they are gobbled up pretty fast!  At other times of the year when Spot Prawns are unavailable use another type of prawn.  Living on the Westcoast of Canada in Vancouver, we are so lucky to have access to a fish […]

Barbequing and Grilling, Mains

Seafood or Fish Brochettes

A very tasty marinade I like a lot for prawns or a combination of both scallops and prawns or Spot Prawns, or one of my favourites, halibut cheeks!  I’ve  used the marinade for small skewered appetizers too.  The seafood/fish can either be barbecued or broiled.  Simply increase the recipe according to the amount of fish […]