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Barbequing and Grilling

Spot Prawns With Two Dips

Get ‘em still alive. Remove the heads just before cooking. If you are a bit squeamish get your partner (I do), or a friend to do this.  Or you can simply leave them whole. Spot Prawn season begins in May

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Spring – What’s In Season??

Early To Late Spring: A bevy of wonderful, fresh, local delicacies are coming into season. Once tasted, never forgotten! June brings juicy, jewel red strawberries with cream; just thinking about them makes my mouth water. Halibut comes into season in

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Grilled Spot Prawns With Citrus Aioli

For a printer friendly version of this recipe, click here. It’s Spot Prawn season once again!  Woo hoo! I think the combination of hot prawns just off the grill with the aioli really works!  If you don’t want to bother shelling

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Coconut Spot Prawns

These are succulent, slightly exotic and absolutely fantastic with either of the dips. Whenever I make them they are gobbled up!  At other times of the year when Spot Prawns are unavailable use another type of prawn.  Finest at Sea is

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Scallop Brochette

You can use prawns or a combination of both scallops & prawns or Spot Prawns, or one of my favourites, halibut cheeks! I really like this marinade and use it for a main course, or it makes terrific skewered appetizers. You can take these along to

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