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Fall Pasta

Tomato Sage Pasta Sauce

I make this lovely, light, late summer, early fall sauce every year with my own sage & plum tomatoes. The sage really works with the sweetness of the tomatoes. I really like to make homemade spaghetti or tagliatelle for this

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Saltimbocca alla Romana

Not necessarily just for spring but when the new sage comes out, why not?  Checchino dal 1887 Trattoria in Rome has this on their menu.  Having tried a number of Saltimbocca recipes, I find this one to be really simple and

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Braised Carrots With Crisp Sage

For a printer friendly version of this recipe, click here. One of the great pleasures of having a herb garden is to walk outside and get a little of what you need. In this excellent recipe for carrots, the sage

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