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Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

I’m a dyed in the wool tomato lover, in case you didn’t already know! Recently, Marlena Spieler, passed away.  She was a well loved and admired writer of 70 cookbooks, a broadcaster, columnist and on top of all of all those amazing achievements, a true tomato lover like me. This recipe is to celebrate dear […]

Individual Cherry Tomato Tarts with Black Olives

Cherry Tomato Tarts

These days at #5 we seem to be eating cherry tomatoes 24/7. I’ve been wanting to make these tarts all summer and finally did! I’m we glad I did…they were so good! Whipped up a green salad, voila dinner! You can easily double the recipe to make 8 servings. The best time to make this […]

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It would be almost impossible for me not to post about my love of tomatoes! Where in the world would I be without them or where would the world be without them?  My friend and author of many cookbooks, Marlena Spieler totally understands what I laughingly refer to as my addiction. My husband often tells […]

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New Greens And More

It’s official, winter’s over and time to get those seeds and begin planting! Growing your own arugula is very satisfying. It’s like magic! Simply seed directly in the garden or plant in a planter on a patio or balcony. Mix together some potting soil, some sea soil then plant the seeds. Water lightly. In no […]

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It’s Spring Again!

Almost every day I go out with anticipation, to check the garden and see what plants have reappeared or have new buds on them! The rhubarb has sent up its shoots and what’s not to like about rhubarb pie or a crisp? There are always chores to be done;  plants that need to be moved to […]

Mixed Cherry Tomato Bucatini alla Chiummenzana in Stainless Pan with Fresh Herbs
Pasta, Gnocchi and Polenta

Bucatini alla Chiummenzana

Here’s something to make with all those cherry tomatoes in the garden! This slightly spicy tomato sauce hails from Capri and it’s terrific.  I found some fresh artichokesat the Farmer’s Market this week, so I decided to make stuffed artichokes for the first course, followed by the bucatini. Wow! Nice glass of wine too!  This […]

Ingredients for Making Spaghetti Trapanese
Pasta, Gnocchi and Polenta

Spaghetti With Pesto Trapanese

There is nothing like making this famous Sicilian pesto with ripe cherry tomatoes and fresh basil from your own garden!   Failing that your local farmer’s market is a great choice. The “sauce” is so easy to put together and the pasta is the only thing that requires cooking.  Thanks goes to “Lidia’s Italy” for this! On […]

Pasta Salad Greek Style
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Greek Style Pasta Salad

Ah… Greek Food!   Such wonderful flavours in this Pasta Salad! Close you eyes while tasting it and pretend you’re at an outdoor cafe on a Greek Island. Try serving it with lamb, chicken or beef souvlaki, how can you go wrong! 2 cups short pasta (such as macaroni, medium shells penne or other tubular shapes) 1 […]