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It’s Spring Again!

Almost every day I go out with anticipation, to check the garden and see what plants have reappeared or have new buds on them! The rhubarb has sent up its shoots and what’s not to like about rhubarb pie or a crisp? There are always chores to be done;  plants that need to be moved to a new spot because they hate where they are for starters but it’s the simple joy of seeing all the new, fresh, green growth that’s the best part of being a gardener!

Are you looking forward to all the amazing selection of produce that is about to pop up in local Farmer’s Markets? We sure are!  Last fall and winter, we tried, quite successfully to eat locally grown veggies that were in season.  There’s still squash about but I’m kind of over squash for the year!

Spotted at our Saturday farmer’s market little French Breakfast radishes at Sole Food. Fergus Henderson, of St. John’s restaurants in London, England serves the whole radish, leaves and all.  It looks wonderful and I simply will have to give it a go! Next up, thinly sliced the radishes; with soft, cultured, unsalted butter mashed up with a couple of drops of Worcestershire and Tabasco, to be spread on slices of baguette, pile on the radishes; added a pinch of sea salt and a sprinkle of chives and  bite into the first taste of spring. Delicately peppery and crisp, offset by the creaminess of the seasoned butter.  Downright delicious!

Also spotted were some new little micro greens. Thoughts of these little greens mixed with small radish leaves, glorious, zingy, especially good with a light, lemony vinaigrette!

When I look at the list of beautiful veggies to come, I can hardly wait.  I’m am already dreaming up some things to feature them. Don’t tell my Husband, but I dream of barbequing and have some plans for him too!!

I will also be buying stinging nettles, new peas and local asparagus  at the farmer’s market to make Stinging Nettle Tagliatelle with Asparagus and Peas.  I’m hoping it will be and delightful as it sounds! I’m thinking when I next blanch and puree stinging nettles I could make a risotto and perhaps top a pizza with pureed nettles or maybe add some puree to gnocchi dough, or…. or…. or. Local watercress is now available at the farmer’s market; I love watercress especially on little cucumber, watercress tea sandwiches!

Very soon there will be local asparagus. We love asparagus, so can hardly wait. I will be making pasta with asparagus, asparagus risotto, asparagus soup, asparagus vinaigrette, asparagus with a poached egg on top, asparagus tart and best of all roasted asparagus! There is such a difference between the taste of local asparagus to the imported asparagus.  It puts imported asparagus to shame!

Helpful link to Stinging Nettle Tagliatelle. 




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