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Blog Post Photo of Lettuce Display Trout Lake Farmers Market. Also Used in Chicken, Brie, Mandarin Salad
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Got Lettuce?

You bet I do…I love the stuff!  And can hardly wait, each year, when locally grown lettuce is available at our farmer’s market. My husband Joe and I have had an ongoing “discussion” about the quantities of lettuce I think we should eat for years.  When we got married I stepped up and said I […]

Blog Post Photo on Gardening, Seedlings
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A Gardener’s Hope

Or, maybe it should be “a hope and a prayer”… The radish seeds I planted are up as of yesterday!  So I’m feeling pretty positive! I’ve been thinking about the planting of seeds lately. It seems to me that gardeners are people whose  wine glasses are half full and are people full of hope for […]

Blog Post Photo, Asparagus & Radishes Farmer's Market
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It’s Spring Again!

Almost every day I go out with anticipation, to check the garden and see what plants have reappeared or have new buds on them! The rhubarb has sent up its shoots and what’s not to like about rhubarb pie or a crisp? There are always chores to be done;  plants that need to be moved to […]