A Gardener’s Hope

Or, maybe it should be “a hope and a prayer”…

DSCN0646 nx2The radish seeds I planted are up as of yesterday!

I’ve been thinking about the planting of seeds lately. It seems to me that gardeners are people whose glasses are half full and they are people full of hope for the future.

Year in, year out, first it’s the lettuce seeds and radishes. But best of all and the most rewarding are the arugula seeds! Throw them into a space, give them a nice warm spot, say on the front porch, add some water off and on and within a very short time period there’s the little green beginnings…it always brings a big smile to my face!

Before too long it will be time for the basil seeds with their promise of wonderful things to eat come the summer. These days I overplant them and then carefully thin the little seedlings to add to a salad or scatter over a dish of pasta…they look so cute and it’s the first early taste of Italian seedsthe best herb ever! Where would summer be without basil and tomatoes…it just wouldn’t be summer that’s where!

Most gardeners are over-run with zucchini during zucchini season…but zucchini is one of the most versatile veggies ever! From savory to sweet you can count on zucchini! I’m still scouting around for the Italian zucchini seeds I like to plant. When grown they are a medium green colour with vertical ridges down the length of the zucchini which makes them so darned good looking once cut…and they are not all about good looks either…they taste so good! Here’s two varieties you might like to try: Zucchini Lunga Fiorentini and Zucchini Romanesco.

Look for and buy some Italian seeds…the packages are beautiful, or at least in my eye…I often just prop them up on the kitchen window …instant art!

I’ll be thinking of you when I’m roaming about outside and playing in the dirt!


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