So You Don’t Have The Perfect Kitchen

Me neither!  And no…this is not a photo of our kitchen but it is the kitchen I used growing up!

Let’s talk reality. We probably won’t have the “great” kitchen unless our lotto numbers come up and we move!  My dad once told me that I cooked wonderful meals without one!  Appreciate that Dad!  Still…

I know, I know, we all stare with envy at the glossy photos and fantasize about our “dream kitchen” with friends hanging out while we prepare a fabulous feast!

Our lack of “the dream kitchen” never stopped us from entertaining friends and family. In fact, eons ago I lived in a bachelor apartment with a tiny kitchen and I was always cooking for my friends. Did I mention, those were the days I was teaching myself how to cook French food by cooking recipes from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art, although in those days there was no such thing as blogging about it!

The kitchen we have now is not big, about twice the size of the one at the  bachelor apartment.  There are no granite countertops, there’s no room for an island, only one sink and not a huge fridge.   Just the basics; a good dishwasher, Electric stove (fantasizing about a gas cooktop one day).  Luckily we have an area in the basement for a second fridge and a freezer. Over the years we have created fabulous meals to share with friends and family with the space we have.  Sometimes it ‘s a bit challenging but in the end, worth the juggling act! Heck, I cooked for large groups from this kitchen for 6 years! It’s all about good planning and being really organized.

Planning for our “new” kitchen is moving along and we are hoping to do the “big blow-out” sometime in May!  Sorry to say…no gas cooktop this time either!)  Ah well…

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    • Do you have nightmares about it! Can you imagine we actually cooked in that small space? Looking at it now, it’s hard to believe!

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