Blog Photo Post Welcoming Spring. Gathering Stinging Nettles

Welcoming Spring with Stinging Nettles

I received a Tuscan cookbook a few years ago from my husband, who, I am sure had no ulterior motives! I’ve been reading that Italians have a thing for wild spring greens. Foraging for them like crazy. Eating only root veggies all winter gets a bit tiresome so the new wild greens are most welcome and viewed as a tonic.

So when I spotted those bags of stinging nettles at the Farmer’s Market at the beginning of spring that got my little grey cells working!   Let’s buy some!

OK, not what?  I know, why not substitute the stinging nettles for spinach?? I think we’ll try to make stinging nettle tagliatelle and a stinging nettle frittata. We loved them both; the pasta was beautifully green, light and delicate and made a perfect foil for the sauce, fabulous!

Help links to Stinging Nettle Tagliatelle and Stinging Nettle Frittata.



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