Welcoming Spring with Stinging Nettles

I received a Tuscan cookbook a few years ago from my husband, who, I am sure had no ulterior motives! Italians have a thing about wild spring greens. They forage for them like crazy. Eating only root veggies all winter gets a bit tiresome so the new wild greens are most welcome and viewed as a tonic.

So seeing bags of stinging nettles at the Farmer’s Market at the beginning of spring got my little grey cells working!   Let’s buy some!

OK…the light bulb goes off!  Why not substitute the stinging nettles for spinach?? I think we’ll try to make stinging nettle tagliatelle and a stinging nettle frittata. We loved them both; the pasta was beautifully green, light and delicate and made a perfect foil for the sauce, fabulous!


If you have access to stinging nettles in the early spring, and  want to make something delicious, click  Stinging Nettle Tagliatelle & Stinging Nettle Frittata.


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