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Spaghetti with Ramp Pesto
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Spaghetti With Ramps

Years ago I read an article about ramps in Gourmet Magazine. I was really curious, what the heck are they? Turns out they are foraged in spring and are also known as wild leeks.  So this recipe is for those of you who live where Ramps grow wild, whereas I have to rely upon our […]

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It’s Time To Ramp It Up!

They’re back! It’s the season again for ramps aka: wild leeks. For a time I thought they only grew wild in the eastern U.S. but now I realize that they also grow Canada. Like some strong cheeses, their “fragrance” is stronger than their taste. If you can get your hands on some, maybe at Farmer’s […]

Blog Photo Post Welcoming Spring. Gathering Stinging Nettles
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Welcoming Spring with Stinging Nettles

I received a Tuscan cookbook a few years ago from my husband, who, I am sure had no ulterior motives! I’ve been reading that Italians have a thing for wild spring greens. Foraging for them like crazy. Eating only root veggies all winter gets a bit tiresome so the new wild greens are most welcome […]