Got Lettuce?

You bet I do!

As we speak, I have half a dozen heads of Romaine and about the same of Green Leaf lettuce coming along in my tiny veggie plot. The other day I planted Little Gem (aka Sucrine) lettuce seeds…just in case! And I always buy another head of lettuce every weekend, just in case!

DSCN2661 wall of lettuce resizeJoe and I have had an ongoing “discussion” about the quantities of lettuce I think we should eat. When we got married 29 years ago, I stepped up and said I would be making him a lunch to take to work every day. Well…within a short time the comments started coming…along with the demonstration of just how much lettuce he thought I should include with the said sandwich! Lettuce is good for you and it fills you up was my response. I didn’t win that argument!

Now that he’s retired, I find myself sneaking in an extra leaf or two…so far no comments but I’m waiting for it!
At lunch time a few years ago one of my co-workers wondered, when she saw my sandwich, “what else is in there besides lettuce?” I obliged by opening up the sandwich to show that there was indeed a filling of some sort….she just shook her head. And I said “lettuce is good for you and it fills you up!

Then there’s the “haven’t we had enough salads this week” comment…and in my mind that would be no but…well. I’ve discovered a trick though, so long as I put a few crumbles of blue cheese or goat cheese on the salad I seem to be able to get away with more green salads than would normally be acceptable.

He also thinks we eat our own weight in tomatoes every week! What can I say?

Isn’t marriage a wonderful thing!

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