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Have Spice Kit Will Travel

A “guest article” for Oracibo… I sent an email to Phyllis extolling the wonders of the Internet for finding recipes and she suggested I write an article so here goes.

Sharons spices 1Do you travel? My husband and I spent a couple of months each winter renting a casita (a two bedroom condo type place) on a golf course in Arizona. We cook the majority of our meals and sometimes run into situations where we want to prepare a dish but don’t have all of the condiments and don’t want to purchase an entire bottle of something that we will have to toss out when we leave. We have a nice little Travel Spice Kit (available many places these days) that we picked up at a winery in California a few years ago.

Enter the Internet……..a godsend for finding recipes. I had sent an email to Phyllis telling her how I had needed some Teriyaki Sauce and found a really good recipe on the Internet. I made it using some of the spices in the Travel Spice Kit and it was so good and easy to do that I committed to making home made Teriyaki Sauce once our bottle of of sauce at home was used up.

Here’s to happy travels, Sharon.




  1. Great tip on the travel spices!
    I must let Marty and Deborah know,it would be a good idea for them and their boating community.

    • Thanks for visiting the site! Yes, I think it would also make a great gift for people who rent when they travel…as Sharon says, you don’t want to have to buy a whole bottle of different spices to use for a short time. We buy fresh herbs when we are in Italy but one of the things I do is to take a freezer bag or two with bay leaves, thyme branches and sage branches. If I’m planning on a fall trip, I’ll take juniper berries too.’ll love this…when we returned to the Rome apartment in 2014 that we rented in 2010…surprise, what was waiting for me…my bag of dried herbs…well past it of course…but too funny! Like a “welcome back Phyllis and Joe”.

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