Blog Post Photo Corzetti Pasta Stamps


A while back I was reading blog about making Corzetti, a pasta shape that has been made since the middle ages. Well…once I clapped eyes on those beautiful disks of pasta imprinted with designs that reminded me of ancient coins, I just knew I “needed” to find those stamps and make the pasta!

Here’s the thing…Corzetti stamps are a specialty of Liguria and I wasn’t going to be in Liguria. Here’s where Facebook friends came to the rescue.  The blogger suggested the stamps could be ordered from Terry Mirri a guy in Sonoma, California who makes artisanal stamps that are works of art!

During the Facebook conversation about Corzetti, Judy Witts Francini posted the name of a shop in Florence where I would find some.  Well, as luck would have it, we were going to be in Florence in a couple of months! Thanks to Judy Witts Francini, I came away from Florence with four stamps…woo hoo! Two were for us and the other two were bought as a gift for our good friend and chef, Andrea Carlson, owner of Burdock and Co.

Now, this is Vancouver and I am pretty sure that Corzetti pasta is not a pasta that Vancouverites had been introduced to. Well, thanks to that gift, they now have, as Andrea had put Corzetti pasta on her menu ever since we gave her the stamps. Apparently, the chefs like making them and sometimes customers ask about them where others just take for granted that Chef Andrea always has unusual items on her menus. Check out their prix fix  menu here and have a look, you’ll see how very, very creative Andrea is.  And…if you live in Vancouver, make a bee-line to Burdock!  But make sure before that to make a reservation!

I might not have been Columbus discovering the new world…but it’s kind of cool to think I played a small role in introducing to the local food scene this Ligurian specialty that Vancouverites or  out of town visitors probably have neither seen or eaten before!


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