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Blog Post Photo, Chitarra Pasta Tomato in White Bowl
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Passion for Pasta

I confess, pasta is the only food, upon seeing a photo that actually makes me salivate! A world without pasta is a world without love in my opinion. I have to admit that I have a cupboard full of different shapes, short, long, tubular, whole grain, made with or without eggs and that’s not to […]

Blog Post Photo for Pasta Rules & For Official Bolognese Sauce & Ragu Bolognese
Pasta, Gnocchi and Polenta

Ragu Bolognese

I previously posted a recipe for the “Official” sauce of Bologna. This version has the same basics but with the addition of beef stock and red wine. Some recipes use beef, pork and veal but I think the pancetta covers the pork part! Marcella Hazan’s recipe uses a little EVO and butter, all beef, no pancetta, […]

Homemade Tagliatelle with Chanterelle Sauce
Pasta, Gnocchi and Polenta

Chanterelle Mushroom Tagliatelle

CHANTERELLES means it’s definitely Fall!  After discovering the most amazing chanterelles at Trout Lake Farmer’s Market recently, there was no question what we would do with them. It’s sort of like when you come across fresh porcini or fresh truffles; simple is best! I really do recommend making your own pasta, it’s so much more […]

Homemade Spaghetti, Summer Tomato-Sage Sauce, Fancy Plate, Dark Blue Trim
Pasta, Gnocchi and Polenta

Tomato Sage Pasta Sauce

An annual ritual in my kitchen is to make this lovely, light, late summer sauce with my own sage and plum tomatoes purchased from the “Tomato Whisperer” at our farmer’s market. The sage works so well with the sweetness of the tomatoes. I prefer to make homemade spaghetti or tagliatelle for this yearly treat, but […]

Ingredients Assembled for Tagliatelle alla Limone
Pasta, Gnocchi and Polenta

Tagliatelle alla limone

The pasta is infused with the wonderful fragrance of fresh lemons. A small serving is perfect with a main course of fish, spot prawns, chicken, veal or lamb.  Although a bit rich it could be a main course with say, an asparagus vinaigrette for starters.  If you can find Meyer lemons, they are wonderful used […]