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Basics & Tips

Make Some Meatballs

You’ve just have to say yes to these juicy, succulent morsels! When a friend posted that she was making meatballs,  I figured I’d better get busy and make some too! I’ve probably made  hundreds if not thousands of different meatballs

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Braised Oxtails With Chorizo

For a printer friendly version of this recipe, click here. Unctuous oxtails with a Spanish twist. I think of them as Matador oxtails and think the Spanish must eat a lot of them, considering. A saffron scented rice would go

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Fall Appetizers

Meatballs, A Hosts’ Friend

I personally don’t believe you can have too many recipes for meatballs for serving as appetizers or whatever else you can think of!  These ones have all received 2 thumbs up!  Perfect party food to my mind! Spanish Tapas Meatballs

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