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Lake in the Castelli Romana, Rome, Italy
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Roman Holiday 2015

This trip we spent 3 weeks in Rome…and yes to all of you who say “3 weeks”…really? Yes, really! We found new places to eat that we’d heard about and returned to a couple we’d enjoyed on our past two stays in Rome. We visited the Castelli Romani with our new, good friend, stopping for this […]

Blog Post Photo, Street in Monti, Rome, Italy
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The Full Monti

On my wish list for our recent trip to Rome was to go to the Colosseum, have a walk about, go for an apertivo somewhere then walk back to the Colosseum to see it lit up at night! But…sometimes things aren’t meant to be! No lights for us! We were later told it’s not being […]

Blog Photo Post, Fascade, S. Maria Novella, Florence, Italy
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Lunch In Firenze

Our second morning in Florence a few years ago we visited the Mercato Centrale, a totally amazing place. The sight of the fabulous fruits and veggies on offer; it’s a cooks heaven! The selection of fish, meats, fresh pastas and breads was outstanding. There was a stall devoted to nothing but selling offal! The Mercato […]

Phyllis Raising a Glass, Visit to Casamonti, Tuscany, Italy
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A Visit to a Tuscan Farm

Some months ago Judy Witts Francini posted on FB that she had gone to pick up some Cinta Senese pig products from a “farm” near Castellina in Chianti, I knew we had to go as we would be in Chianti in May! If you have never tried Cinta Senese prosciutto and get the chance, it’s […]

Blog Post Photo, Glass Front Door of Pizzarium, Rome, Italy
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Kudos, Rome 2014

It’s especially true that when we are travelling we want to sample local foods and find restaurants that promote fantastic ingredients! Going on vacation gives allows us to explore new to us places to do so. Rome has been experiencing changes in their food scene and that definitely required some serious tasting on our part! […]

Blog Post Photo, Joe Cooking Bistecca, Tuscany, Italy, Yellow House
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To Meat Or Not To Meat?

Ever since Elizabeth Minchelli posted a photo on Facebook taken one night while having dinner at St. John restaurant in London, of what the table next to theirs had ordered; a whole roasted suckling pig and the comments the photo engendered, I wanted to respond. We are not vegetarians, although we eat a lot of […]

Blog Photo Post, Christmas Decorations
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Random Thoughts On 2014

The Christmas decorations are put away for another year, including the vintage icicles, that hung from our trees when we were kids. The package still has the 10 cent price tag from Zeller’s! The fairy lights on the window, are staying up until the day after Valentine’s Day! Champagne always goes so well with twinkly […]

Blog Post Photo, Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy
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Recently I went to a blog I’m following and clicked on a Youtube video called “Florence the Magnificent.” The next thing I knew, I heard Luciano Pavarotti singing “Nessun Dorma” which I adore. He sings it so beautifully I always cry when I hear it. The song was accompanied by photos taken in Florence and […]

Blog Post Photo, Maccheroni Restaurant, Rome, Italy
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More Italian Stories

Roma/Rome, the Eternal City beckons. When planning our 3rd trip to Europe, I busily made loads of notes about sites to see, restaurants to try and so on. In most cases I omitted looking up the addresses for restaurants thinking they would be easy to find! One day we wanted to go to Trattoria da […]

Blog Post Photo, Pizza in Gubbio, Umbria, Italy
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Where’s The Pizza?

Raise your hand if you don’t like a good pizza. There are pizza “wars” going on in Vancouver lately. Who has the best crust? Who has the best toppings? Ask anyone and they will tell you it is all about the crust. We agree!  I think the best pizza I’ve ever had the good fortune […]