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Random Thoughts On 2014

The Christmas decorations are put away for another year, including the vintage icicles, that hung from our trees when we were kids. The package still has the 10 cent price tag from Zeller’s! The fairy lights on the window, are staying up until the day after Valentine’s Day! Champagne always goes so well with twinkly lights!

DSC_6236 nx2The tree has been taken to the chipper. It was a great tree and we have the feeling it was a lucky tree that will bring family, friends and us good luck!

Our very good friends opened their restaurant “Burdock & Co.”  here in Vancouver, B. C. last spring and they are doing well. They were featured three times in the 2014 Vancouver Eating and Drinking Magazine! First, a full page photo near the beginning of the magazine, then mentioned again on two other pages! Not only that, one of the best restaurant critics in the City picked them as one of her top new restaurants of 2013! Woo hoo…way to go guys! We wish them much luck and continued success for 2014.

I don’t make those awful New Years’ resolutions at the beginning of the year, because they seem to be a recipe for disappointment. I focus on things that will bring happiness and joy into my life.

Learning Italian is something I’d wanted to do since our first trip to Italy in 2007. Boy, do I know lots of words! I will be trying the on-line route this year…maybe I can figure out how to put all those words together into sentences? We are up to our eyeballs planning our next trip to Italy; so maybe, just maybe I will be better than last time…getting excited! So much to see, so much to eat, so little time but we will give it our best effort!

Osteoarthritis has been interfering with my lifestyle over the past year! A few months ago I got an injection that seems to be making a difference and its’ allowing me to get back into my walking programme. This makes me really happy!

Physio says I should taking up Tai-Chi so I don’t become one of those “seniors who fall down all the time” statistics in a few years. Apparently a very good thing for balance…who am I to argue?

A number of months ago, my husband “lost” his car keys. He locked the car and came in the house. Next morning the keys were nowhere to be found! We scoured the yard, no keys! On the day we took our “lucky” Christmas tree down we laid it on the sidewalk next to the raised planter that runs the length of the sidewalk, before carrying it to the car. Hubby drives off with the tree and on the way back to the house I started thinking about those damned keys. When hubby came home he said “the strangest thing has happened”. He came down the sidewalk and there in full view, you guessed it, the keys! That I didn’t spot them is weird. He said he had the strongest premonition he would find his keys that day! And, a miracle, the keys still work! Was the the “Ghost of the Del Rey” playing tricks again? …Or is it the beginning of a year filled with good luck!

Wishing you bucketful’s of good luck in 2014!


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