To Meat Or Not To Meat?

Ever since Elizabeth Minchelli posted a photo on Facebook taken one night while having dinner at St. John, of what the table next to theirs had ordered; a whole roasted suckling pig and the comments the photo engendered, I wanted to make a response.

DSC04090 nx2We are not vegetarians. We eat a lot of vegetarian meals. We love just about all vegetables.

But…we do eat meat, poultry and seafood.

Some of the folks who responded to the photo were pretty “put-off”. Then I remembered a quote I had read that I would like to share with my fellow meat eaters and perhaps vegetarians may understand a bit of the philosophy of the nose to tail eating too. The quote is from Dario Cecchini, of Macelleria Cecchini in Panzano, Chianti, Italy:


An old Tuscan proverb passed down by Dario’s father:


Four Things An Animal Must Have:

  1. A good Life (a healthy life with natural feed; ample, clean space to move around, just like for people.)
  2.  A good death (no trauma when being transported, which often leads to shock.)
  3.  A good butcher (someone who knows how to select the right parts and cut them in a way that brings out its’ best qualities.)
  4.  A good cook (someone who can dignify the animal and all those whose labours led it to this table).

I think that about says it all!

P.S.:  The bistecca in the photo is from Macelleria Cecchini!

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