Blog Post Photo, Fig Leaves, Porcini, Italy

Hunting and Gathering

I am so fortunate to have married someone who shares my passion for food! It’s our way of nurturing each other. My husband likes the challenge of finding good, affordable wines to accompany our meals and on  the weekends he always asks what’s on the menu so he can choose the appropriate wines. The two of us have become even more passionate about food and wine since our travels to Italy!

We have a list of local haunts that we’ve developed over the years and visit them regularly to find our goodies.

As well, we are always on the lookout for news of new happenings in the food world.

We seem to spend a huge amount of time looking for new and different ingredients to try and to cook with. And…guess what? We actually love doing this bit. I know…weird or what?

It is so exciting to discover something you have read about in a magazine or new cookbook;  and bring home to try.

We seem to automatically go into our hunting and gathering mode no matter where we are, vacations being an especially good time to find interesting things.  We had a friend over who asked where one could find “mosto cotto” as we just happened to have some in the kitchen purchased on our last trip to Italy, I replied Panzano in Chianti!

It’s such fun to be able to unearth something and then people know where to find what they are looking for and not necessarily in Chianti!


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