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Radio Kids

Being a child of the ‘50’s and ‘60’s, I grew up on radio. I remember distinctly when transistor radios were the hot new technology and us teens just had to have one glued to our ears…remember when there were no ear buds? Yup!!

My San Diego cousin and I would mail our favourite radio station’s top ‘40’s lists back and forth! Can you just imagine if we’d email???

Present time, first thing in the morning our radio is tuned into a news station to get not only the news but and also to hear discussions about what’s going on locally, then it’s over to NPR from Tacoma/Seattle for their mid-day jazz programming until late afternoon, followed by a jazz station from Toronto until after dinner. And on the weekends when at home, we are listening to music pretty much all day. Of course, we have had to keep up with the times and access the stations we want through the Internet somehow and please don’t ask me how it works, my husband’s the guy who does all this stuff, I still think radio waves are some kind of magic!

“They” say radio is no longer being listened to…I beg to differ! Sadly there have been a lot of changes to our local radio scene over the past little while with hosts retiring from their long running programmes.  They are truly missed! I hate it when our favourites retire…we used to listen to CBC Saturday and Sunday mornings for wonderful music and witty commentary from the hosts. Imiss those two guys a lot! And if Jurgen Goethe knew how much we miss his daily Disc Drive from 3 until 6, maybe he wouldn’t have retired!

With the recent passing of Tom Magliozzi, the other half of Click and Clack The Tappet Brothers and hearing the tributes to him on NPR, it made me realize just how much we rely on quality broadcasting. We faithfully listened to Tom and Ray every weekend.  We so enjoyed their humour and expertise but mostly the total silliness and of course their laughter! Who can forget at the end of each show, they would thank the producers and staff and their law firm, Dewey, Cheetham and Howe, now that’s funny and it had us rolling in the aisles the first time we heard it!

Frankly, I cannot imagine a day without radio being a huge part of our lives…it’s a place where we have discovered fantastic personalities and been well entertained over the years.  Please let’s keep those dials tuned in!



    • No kidding Victoria! Being a kid or teen then was so different and I am so glad I grew up…we could roam around at will except when we had to be home for meals! Halloween was particularly fun! Absolutely no supervision until you got home…it was fantastic!

    • Tom and Ray never failed to bring a smile to my face or falling over laughter for that matter! Crazy, silly and so much fun! We listened to two tribute programmes last week to Tom…very special! You know what they say Frank…one of a kind! Thank goodness for NPR!

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