Chickpeas And Me

It’s not that I totally hate them!

I absolutely love hummus and the fried chick peas at Campagnola restaurant. Other than that, well they have that same mealy texture that I hate in lima beans. It’s simply a texture thingy. Oh, I like most other dried beans, just to set the record straight!

Chickpeas ShelledSo…a few days ago, when my very talented neighbour/chef, whom I have come to trust, regarding foods I have not developed an appreciation for ( fava beans, for instance), presented me with some fresh chickpeas, I thought OK, why not give it a try.  She got me with the fava’s too!  I can guarantee, though, she won’t ever get me to like oysters or salmon!

I decided to make them into a salad. So, I blanched them in salted water for a minute or so, drained them and cooled them under running cold water. Then I made a lemon-oregano dressing. To the bowl of chickpea’s I threw in some halved cherry tomatoes from the garden, very thinly sliced red onion I got at Trout Lake Farmer’s Market from “Stein Mountain guy”, added a handful of a wild variety of arugula from our garden and voila, ecco la insalata (here’s the salad).

I have to say here and now, I thought the fresh chickpeas were delicious, not mealy, a beautiful light green, tender and sweet.

I still don’t like the other ones!

**The Stein Mountain stall can be found at Trout Lake Farmer’s Market & for a few weeks of the Winter Market at Nat Bailey Stadium.  They have great garlic too!

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