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2 “R’s” of Spring

Ramps and Rhubarb! We are happily up to our knees in both! We fired up the stove at #5 this week to stock up our larder and freezer using these delectable spring delicacies.

You can’t go wrong with rhubarb muffins or rhubarb coffee cake.  A must in our house is making the annual batch of rhubarb ketchup.

Ramps aka wild leeks, are hard to find in some areas but if you do have a “connection”…by all means try out a few of our favourites!  For my money they have more of a garlicky flavour rather than do leeks.

Ramp buttermilk biscuits are another springtime must around here. And then there is an amazing “pesto” that we toss with spaghetti and sprinkle with toasted breadcrumbs. Not to mention a ramp Italian sausage risotto.  Or, you might consider chicken braised with ramps…sort of “white coq au vin.” Certainly went down a treat here!

To learn more about ramps, check out my blog post, click here. 





  1. Very nice! I’ve rather neglected rhubarb in my cooking. But it’s on my culinary bucket list.

    • Hi Frank! We certainly have the right climate here for growing the stuff. And because I really love being able to cook seasonally it really does give me a sense of spring! Used to make jam as well…using some in-season local strawberries…called it strubarb…so good!

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