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Poo On My Shoe

I know, you’re thinking, here she goes again with another one of those rants!

It’s just not right. It seems that almost everyone owns a dog or two these days and good on them. My problem is those owners who refuse to pick up their refuse!

Do you think it’s fair that they should walk their dogs in your neighbourhood and let their blameless little pooch use the “big outdoor toilet” and then not take the time to scoop the poop? I mean, I have read stories about Paris and their pooch poop problem but it seems to be getting pretty bad around here. If you go out when it’s dark I would recommend using a really good flashlight or wear a headlamp to navigate your way! Now when I go out I’m like a bloodhound, searching in front of me for the offending stuff. Last week when I took the empties out, there was a pile of the stuff right in front of the dumpster. I mean…come on people. Now, whenever I see someone walking their dog, I look to see if they are carrying a plastic bag!  But seriously, what could I do if they aren’t?

My Uncle once told me a story about a neighbour of his that walked his dog past their house every day, leaving a nice mound on the lawn. Well, said Uncle finally got p.o.’d and decided to collect the offending stuff for a few days. He then went to the offending dog owner’s house, knocked on the door and when the guy opened the door, my Uncle handed him the bag of poo saying “here, I think you forgot something”. That seemed to do the job.  I love that!

Come on guys, take some responsibility and think about your neighbours and their shoes will ya? I mean beyond yucky!

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