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Luxury Is…

Some may think owing a Mercedes or staying in 5-star hotels is luxury…not me!  OK maybe driving around in an old Rolls might qualify!  But…

I have a real thing about snuggling into a bed with clean sheets, it just feels so deliciously decadent! It’s leftover from my childhood. Mom didn’t have a dryer and in those days.  She washed our clothes in an old wringer washing machine. Poor Mom…she had to stand there and feed the heavy, wet clothes through the wringer instead of watching her favourite soaps! Then outside she went to hang them up on the two very long clotheslines strung up from outside the back door to the cherry trees in the back yard. What drudgery, especially when it started to rain or worse, it started to freeze, then in came the sheets, slightly frozen, from the line in a mad rush and down to the basement they went to dry. But if we/she was lucky they would dry outside on a bright, sunny day.

Ahh…the smell of those sheets just off the clothesline on our freshly made beds is embedded forever in my mind.

Fast forward a bunch of years and every time I change the sheets I can hardly wait to go to bed! It just feels so darned good! If I had buckets of money and no concern about wasting water, I would have fresh ones every night, what luxury!

They say it’s the simple things of life…






  1. Ok, so why Bamboo sheets? I myself just bought a couple of new sets of sheets. One is 660 count Sateen and the other is 720 Egyptian -both cotton of course (an early girlfriend put me on the right path away from the synthetic blends I grew up with and I’ve never looked back). That’s always been my height of luxury in sleepware!

    • Well, why not? Other people told me they were great, so…decided to give them a try. The whole count thing is mystifying! The cotton thing can be problematic, like the growing of same and processing. Who knows. They are nice and silky! I wonder what silk sheets would be like, probably never know, not being royality or anything!

      Ciao, P

  2. I too, grew up the same way you did Phyllis. And also like you, if I had oodles of money and no concerns about water & energy waste, I would definitely change my sheets daily!! There is nothing more exhilarating than fresh sheets against your (naked) skin!

    • I totally agree Mary Ann. If only someone could bottle the smell of sheets that have been hung to dry outside in the sunshine!

  3. Why bamboo sheets??? Bamboo is very durable, extremely soft and bonus: from a quickly renewable resource. In my experience high thread count cotton sheets are not able to stand up to my alligator feet like the bamboo.
    Playing in the sheets hanging in the basement was kind of fun, though. Remember when she ironed them, too!

    • I am returning my bamboo sheets, they seem to be defective and when washed in cold water and dried on low heat in the dryer, put off quite a bit of fluff. Also they pil when we sleep on them! Don’t know. I really like the Egyptian cotton sheets we have, they are nice and satiny. God, I had forgotten about the ironing sheets! Crazy…what I remember the most is the smell from hanging outside!

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