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It’s All About Firsts

Remember the first day of school, the first day at a new job, the first time you fell in love? Life is all about firsts. They can leave us with fond memories, bring a smile or laughter and perhaps, just plain enjoyment!

Folks of a certain age were raised to do things themselves. So, it was natural for me to become the “family hairdresser” when I was a teen but not haircuts.  In my circle it was unheard of to go to a spa, get a facial or a manicure, except perhaps, on your wedding day! Of course, now spas and nail places abound. My, my, how times change! Maybe it’s because everyone is so darned busy both at work and in their private lives, that it’s a way to put aside time to nurture themselves?

Lately I have been feeling a little exhausted, focused on other important things and out of touch with me. My husband, seeing that I needed a little pampering, suggested I get a pedicure. Now, I have a home pedicure tradition every year at the beginning of summer. I fill up a container with warm water, throw in some verbena bath oil and have a good soak sitting outside, reading a book; followed by the rest of the “tarting up” and finishing with painting my toenails. It feels pretty good but…

I went for my first ever professional spa pedicure. It was so relaxing. I really felt spoiled and that was the plan! It reminded me of how much my Mother loved having her nails done all the time with a favourite colour, “Orchid” by Revlon…the smile on her face when she held up here freshly painted nails is something I’ll not forget!

It’s all about being totally pampered and someone looking after you!


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