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Simple Conversions for Cooking and Baking

When my Husband and I cook together, he’s always asking me things such as how many tablespoons in a 1/2 cup or how much does 2 Tablespoons weigh.  Here are the ones we use all the time.

Having and using a scale is VERY helpful, especially when measuring butter.  I really hate trying to measure it into a measuring cup.  I simply put a small piece of wax paper on the scale and weigh out what I need.  Our North American recipes are not designed to use weights but British and European recipes are.

I have used a scale for years and it makes my life so much easier especially when baking or weighing pasta, for instance.  I can’t tell you how many times I use my scale on a daily basis but it’s frequent.

The simple conversions my hubby is always asking for and also ones I use all the time when cooking.

1 cup = 16 Tbsp.
¾ cup = 12 Tbsp.
½ cup = 8 Tbsp.
1/3 cup = 5 Tbsp. + ½ tsp.
¼ cup = 4 Tbsp.
1 cup = 8 oz.
¾ cup = 6 oz.
½ cup = 4 oz.
¼ cup = 2 oz.
1 Tbsp. butter = ½ oz.
1 Tbsp. = 3 tsp.

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