Our August Garden

Don’t know about you but at #5 we are on the “zucchini/tomato diet” these days! Nope…no Dr. Atkins for us…just tomatoes and zucchini in as many guises as we can come up with! Both crops have been so “giving” this year that it’s a darned good thing our neighbours are helping us out by happily taking some of them off our hands…I mean, how many zucchini and tomatoes can two people eat?

DSC_2844 nx2 ver 2If you are coming for a meal at our place you will be absolutely guaranteed to get either or both! Like Saturday night, for instance, with fried zucchini blossoms for an appy and then farfalle pasta with a zucchini, guanciale sauce and a big tomato/onion salad!

Then we move on to baking stuff with zucchini, like today’s zucchini parmesan bread and a zucchini coffee cake with walnuts and raisins. Not too sweet at all and something that could be had for breakfast or with a cup of tea. Coming up in the next few days, a zucchini buttermilk cornbread.

But we’re not complaining…because it just goes to show what versatile little gems zucchini really are…you certainly can’t complain about having zucchini “lasagne” for dinner…no noodles…just grilled slices of zucchini with a tomato beef sauce.

We are enjoying these fruits of summer and hope you are taking advantage of them too, because just around the corner is lurking months of winter squash!

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