Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

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  1. My dear dear Phyllis! I’ve just finished reading your post and was thinking to myself, “Oh Gosh! Life can be truly trying at times and I wish Phyllis and Joe lived closer.” If there is something that makes me happy to do under any circumstances, that’s cooking for people – especially so for people I treasure. You are a better cook than I am (and yes, you are going to teach me to bake some fine day) but that wouldn’t stop me from coming over to yours and putting a meal together. One of the things I am very very grateful for is the invention of the internet – emails and facebook are a wonder and help us keep in touch, as does the telephone. So we have to remember that. I am so grateful that I met you ! And we ‘met’ over food blogs, and the one in particular was Gareth Jones’s who, I know, you miss just as much as I do. Your knee operation will be a success, you will find a great new home, and you will come back to Rome and we’ll have a great time together! Un bacio ed un abbraccio bella mia!

    1. My dear friend, thank you for such kind words…made me cry. We may be thousands of miles apart but are together in our hearts! Forever grateful to Gareth and the introduction he made. I wonder if he knew? From what I’ve seen, I think we are pretty well matched cooking wise and yes, I will bake together. The next visit to Rome we are going to spend more time together just hanging out…maybe drinking some vino. And you can help me with my Italian!

  2. We all have our dry spells like that, I think. I know I do… sometimes there’s a good reason, sometimes the muse is simply not there. Great to see you’re back in action, Phyllis.

    1. Thanks so much Frank…so nice to hear from you and to know you understand! Life, does indeed, intrude and like you say the muse is simply not there! Thanks again for the encouragement!

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