A Bouquet of Roses

Sunday, November 17th, a very important day!

DSC_0036 nora's roseMy mom would have celebrated her 93rd birthday this year and I wish we could spend the day together. I would make her a cake. Most of the time it was my job to make the birthday cakes because nobody liked bought ones! This time I would make her an orange chiffon cake with lots of candles on top and serve it forth with loads of whipped cream, that would make her very, very happy. I can still see that little sneaky smile start as she reached for more of the white, fluffy stuff. Mom loved homemade goodies and was always game for taking home any leftovers!

Earlier in the day, we would go to the track to watch the horseraces. God how she loved to watch the horses…she grew up on a farm and her dad had horses. She actually talked me into going to the track when I said I wasn’t interested…what can I say…I am so glad we went a few times together. She got me hooked too! I can see her sitting out there right now, watching the horse’s parade by, then making her selection and then one of us would go and place her bet! She adored it! The last time we watched a race together, it was the Belmont on T.V., a few days before she passed away, it was amazing to see how focused she became when the race started. We even placed bets!

Nora scanned 1 nx2 ver2She loved hockey and watching “Dancing with the Stars” but I think she would fall in love with “Battle of the Blades”; they partner up figure skaters with hockey players, right up her alley so we would do that together too! Mom would absolutely go nuts! Don’t forget the cheese flavoured “Doritos”, she was crazy about them!

Last, but not least, I cannot forget that we simply “have to” play cards; the only game I could even get remotely into was Crib, so Crib it was! Of course, I would have to count her cards for her because she had trouble with that in the last year or so…but damned if she didn’t win a lot time! I wonder if she would have known if I cheated? Probably! It really used to piss my sister off that she would lose to mom, a lot!

Happy Birthday Mom…I love you!



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    • Thanks Mary Ann…I have a photo of her near where I sleep and when I woke up we had a kiss and birthday wish! Of course the photo is of the two of else! I sure miss her!

      Ciao, P

  1. What a wonderful photo! My mom loved “going to the track.” Boy, do I remember her looking over the Racing Form, checking everything out as she prepared for a day at the races. We kids always enjoyed going. But mostly it’s the every day things I remember aboyt my mom, and celebration days too. Thanks fro sharing this Phyllis. It is nice, isn’t it, to stop and reflect, to sit back and remember. This really is a lovely post. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Thanks so much Adri. I remember when my sister and I were writing the eulogy for mom, it was so hard but it brought back so many memories for us both, we cried, smiled and laughed too! Thank goodness for the memories! Maybe our mothers are together at the track!

      Ciao, P

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