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Those Epicurious Readers!

Do you ever read the comments from people who have made the recipes from various sites, Epicureous as an example?

Just for fun I thought I would. OMG…who are these people?

Often the comments will  say they made the recipe but changed up and/or swapped out all kinds of ingredients and then say that they didn’t think much of it, then give it a 2 forks out of 4 rating for heaven’s sake!  No…they didn’t make THE RECIPE!

Take the pear, apple, quince, crostata for instance, which I have made. One substituted rhubarb for the quince, another my personal favourite, created a filling using apple, pineapple, raisins and a bit of Vidalia onion! Really? Another used Pillsbury’ refrigerated crust instead of the delicious, crispy butter crostata crust specified in the recipe. How about substituting currant juice for the apple cider in the recipe? What?? And then there was the person who thought they would increase the amount of filling. This is a crostata people, not a deep dish pie for goodness sake!

People…make the damned recipe as is!  Think of those hard working recipe developers and testers slaving over a hot stove to create something especially delicious and then folks change a number of ingredients in the recipe to make something completely different and then proceed to complain.  And when you do change up things,  please don’t “review” the recipe because you did not make it!  Sheesh!

If you do decide to make this crostata, my only comment would be to watch it carefully and if it starts to look too dark, lightly lay a piece of tin foil on top and continue baking.  Here’s the link:  Apple, Pear and Quince Crostata.

This recipe for Cannoli is awesome just the way it is. My guess is that some of you may be tempted to substitute dried cranberries…don’t even go there! Here’s a recommendation, I made the cannoli for our friends who are well known for their innovative restaurant, they loved them and so did we! Here’s the link:  Dried Cherry and Ginger Cannoli.




  1. I was taking an online course about cake decorating a while back. In the question section someone wanted to know if they could substitute Crisco for the butter in the buttercream! There were several other equally stupid questions. (ie) what cake mix did the pastry chef use?

    • OMG…can you imagine the mouth feel of that Crisco icing!!! Every once in a while I check out the comments for such stuff…it can be weird for sure.

  2. Blech! I commented back, why would you bother, just use butter!

    • Exactly…I always tell people if you can’t get/use the integral ingredient, then make something else!

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