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Sweet or Savory?

 Yes Please!  My mother was known to tell people that she could bake anything inside a pie crust and her family would love it!

And my Russian mama definitely had that down right! Although…it may have had something to do with the fact that MOM WAS AN ABSOLUTELY AWESOME PIE MAKER! And I don’t care if you think your mom’s pies were the best ever either…so there! And…another tidbit…my husband didn’t really like pie…that is until he tasted mom’s!!

When summer fruit is upon us…my thoughts…well, let’s say my cravings, turn to pies. Although I have to admit, my thoughts do have a tendency to turn to pies at other times of the year! As a matter of fact not long ago members of the Melton Mowbray Pie Association were interviewed on “Britain’s Best Bakery” and now I can’t stop thinking about making a savoury pie! BTW and FYI the Melton Mowbray Pie makers, all 9 of them, were awarded Protected Geographical Indication status in 2009! And…drumroll please, click HERE for the link to the 2017 winners!

So, off to the kitchen…time to crank up the oven and make a pie or two! How about blueberry?  Click HERE for my recipe.  B. C. is well known for their amazing blueberries and I think that a pie would be in order, don’t you? And this week I testing a recipe for lamb hand pies…although I may use beef instead simply because the freezer says so!

I could go on and on…pizza rustica a two crust pie filled with all sorts of goodies and absolutely scrumptious when shared with friends at a picnic…with appropriate wine of course!

Or empanadas, click HERE for the link to my recipe. Again fabulous served either warm or at room temperature. Goes down a treat on a hot day!  Make the dough and filling the day before then bake them the next morning…done and dusted!

ENJOY summer and treat yourself to a pie and not one of those frozen things from your nearest supermarket. I haven’t been yet but we have a shop here called “Pie Hole.” It seems to be popular.  But I do love baking my own still!





  1. Yes, our mom made the bestest pies in the world. Odd that she was a terrible cook in general but an awesome pie maker. I just now finished reading an article about Costco pumpkin pies being so great. They are absolutely disgusting. My whole family agreed and I took the remainder (after tasting) back for a refund. The pies at Krause Bros Berry Farms are beautiful, but alas they also taste disgusting.
    When I put out an invitation for a kid to pick up a freshly made pie they race here in gratitude. Boy are they going to miss me when I die.

    • I’ve had the “pleasure” of Krause Bros. pies…hmmm…what can I say! And I must say, if I ever bought a pie Mom would roll over you know where! She almost had a heart attack when she found out Anne P. was using Mrs. Smith’s frozen pies on the 29th floor! OMG…she really thought that was dreadful and she was right! Never fear…once she retired…no more Mrs. Smith pies on the 29th floor!!!

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