• Erin says:

    Yes, our mom made the bestest pies in the world. Odd that she was a terrible cook in general but an awesome pie maker. I just now finished reading an article about Costco pumpkin pies being so great. They are absolutely disgusting. My whole family agreed and I took the remainder (after tasting) back for a refund. The pies at Krause Bros Berry Farms are beautiful, but alas they also taste disgusting.
    When I put out an invitation for a kid to pick up a freshly made pie they race here in gratitude. Boy are they going to miss me when I die.

    • Phyllis says:

      I’ve had the “pleasure” of Krause Bros. pies…hmmm…what can I say! And I must say, if I ever bought a pie Mom would roll over you know where! She almost had a heart attack when she found out Anne P. was using Mrs. Smith’s frozen pies on the 29th floor! OMG…she really thought that was dreadful and she was right! Never fear…once she retired…no more Mrs. Smith pies on the 29th floor!!!

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