Cooking Makes Me Happy

Does cooking make you happy too?

An “epicurean” is defined as someone devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasure, especially the enjoyment of good food and comfort.

I’m all for that!

Talking about food, creating menus, sharing recipes…it just goes on and on. It’s exciting to try  experimenting with something new. We have access to so much that I never seem to run out of ideas. Italian cooking is my personal favourite and I always get lured into cooking something Italian, but there’s also the many ethnic foods that we like.  I don’t know about you but I’m crazy in love with Ottolenghi’s recipes!

We enjoy cooking all sort of seasonal veggies and have discovered new ones since our travels to Italy began, so our Farmer’s Markets really gets the juices flowing.  We buy, then we try and come up with something clever and hopefully utterly delicious!

When I was hired as the chef/manager for a bank, it was a job that was custom made for me. All of a sudden I had this  big family who told me how fabulous everything was after each meal! I was a sucker for the applause!  Who wouldn’t be??

Oh, another thing that makes me happy is my husband cooking on the barbecue! It just warms my heart and if I could only convince him to do it more often, my life would be just about perfect.

 As Jacques Pepin would say, “happy cooking!”


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