Braised Lamb Shanks With Dried Cherry Sauce

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  1. Would this work with short ribs (question mark) (I hit some button while typing the question mark wont work, or the apostrophe apparently!!!)

    1. Hmmm…not sure but you could try it. I would be more tempted to use pork shoulder with a bone in it. You could try unsmoked pork hocks, once cooked until very tender, you can remove the skin. What, you don’t like lamb? I know Heather loves lamb shanks. If you use local lamb there is none of that lambyness! The imported stuff from Australia and N.Z. do have more of that taste. Good luck!

  2. Not a huge fan of lamb, but will eat it if necessary. Unlike fish. Pork hocks are for Chinese soup. You know I creep out easily with food.

    1. I would suggest you move on! All those meats are delicious and you need to rethink. Fresh pork hocks are not only for soup. All those Italians would be surprised to hear you say that! They are like the Chinese, they eat the whole beast and we should all try to emulate that…it’s the right way of honouring the beast that was killed!

  3. Phyllis …. this appears to be Vince & Eddie’s recipe that appeared in Bon Appetit. The original (which Bon Appetit faxed to me when I lost my copy) says to braise the shanks in the oven at 350 while you say 325. Did you try it at both and find that 325 worked better?

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for dropping by!

      I always braise at either 300 or 325F…I find 350 just too hot. I actually don’t remember where the recipe originated, I have a huge file of cuttings, so not sure…but we tried it…played around a bit and thought it was excellent. I think a slower braise allows the meat to become more succulent and tender.

      Cheers, P

    1. Thanks for dropping by my site! Nice to hear from you! I suppose you could but I would make sure to use a very rich veal stock to bump up the flavour….lamb has a more intense flavour than veal which is quite delicate in taste…I would give it a try!

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