Grilled Bone In Steak

Just a simple & quick way to prepare a steak. The steak would be delicious served with a butter flavoured with  Roquefort, gorgonzola, tarragon or parsley.**  A good steak deserves a simple treatment, after all, it is about the beef!


Bone in porterhouse, T-Bone or rib steaks, 1” thick minimum
EVO (opt.)
Salt & freshly ground pepper (there are many schools of thought about when to put the salt on your steak; just before cooking, 1 hour before cooking, 2 hours before cooking or no salt at all. You be the judge!)

Rub the steaks with EVO if using. Season generously with salt & pepper and throw onto the hot grill; cook the way you like it (please don’t let me know if you cook steaks well done). Personally, I like them really rare, but rare is OK too. I was introduced to eating my steaks cooked this way years ago and have never gone back to the well done meat I grew up with!



** If you would like to make  these butters, please go to Seasoned Butters.

**If you would like to see my cooking times for meats, please go to my Grilling Chart.

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