Phyllis’ Cabbage Rolls

6 thoughts on “Phyllis’ Cabbage Rolls”

  1. My brother Mike mentioned that Mom would add a little bit of Herdez salsa to the mix for some extra tanginess.

  2. OMG — Delicious!! One of my all time favorite (beside pasta of course) are Cabbage Rolls.

    I grew up with only using ground beef and not adding ground pork, what a beautiful mix and much moister!

    I also grew up using canned stewed tomatoes instead of tomato soup. To my surprise, the tomato soup added thickness to the sauce, which was yummy, but I still added the tomatoes on top! (hard to break tradition).

    Another nice touch was the “sauerkraut” – sinfully delicious!! This was the first time I’ve tried Cabbage Rolls with sauerkraut, which added a wonderful zing!!

    Thank you Phyllis for a wonderful twist on a “traditional’ Cabbage Roll recipe!!

    1. So glad you liked them! If you grew up eating them, then it’s always that “mom’s” or “grandmas” were the best but this recipe is a combination of mom’s and a dear friend’s…all they need is sour cream! Hey why not! My sisters and brother used to eat the filling and leave the cabbage which was OK with mom, dad and me!

  3. I haven’t made stuffed cabbage for quite some time now, but I do enjoy it very much, especially when it’s cold outside, as it certainly is right now. There are few dishes as warming and satisfying.

    1. And I must concur. In my case, my mom being Russian and the cabbage rolls being something she made for us, along with her family’s version of borscht…it becomes more that just eating dinner! If we don’t “speak” before Christmas, I would like to wish you and your family Buon Natale! And if we do speak before Christmas well…we can wish each other Buon Natale again!!! BTW…very much enjoy our exchanges!

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