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Last fall we were invited to have dinner with friend’s. They are very creative,  excellent chefs/cooks and it’s always a pleasure sharing a meal with them.

Many years ago, my mother had given me a bag of quince and I made and preserved a condiment to be served with game. I was so beside myself because the little devils were so challenging to peel and to core.   I swore “never again” and gave all the jars of condiment to a friend who’s husband hunted game!

In the fall of 2008, we were renting a villa in Umbria, very near Lago Trasimeno. If you’ve been to Italy, you are probably know all about the wonderful, seasonal produce that is available. In my studies of Italian cooking I have discovered some excellent recipes. That trip, I re-discovered quince!  I must have completely forgotten my earlier experience! They had such a wonderful aroma and the recipe for Tuscan veal and quince stew sounded so delicious, I decided to give it a go.  It was darned good!

Bon Appetit magazine printed a recipe for a Quince Tarte Tatin in their December 2006 issue that looked fabulous. That invitation for dinner would be the perfect opportunity to give it a try! Even though you have to make a crust and a caramel first, then cut up the quince, this dessert, in my opinion, was well worth the effort.

The four of us thought that not only did the quince have a gorgeous, rosy glow and an intoxicating fragrance, but to top it off, it tasted absolutely fabulous. I actually think it is one of the best desserts I have ever had the pleasure of eating! I made crème fraiche to accompany the tarte but you could easily whisk together equal amounts of heavy cream and sour cream instead.

I will be experimenting with quince from now on and have definitely taken it off the no-go list!

Helpful link to Quince Tarte Tatin.


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