It’s Time To Ramp It Up!

4 thoughts on “It’s Time To Ramp It Up!”

  1. Interesting that you are writing about leeks today. My brother Bill was making potato & leek soup this morning from wild leeks he got at the cottage. He LOVES them & I never even knew they existed up there. Who knew 🙂

    1. Ramps are totally amazing! Tell your foraging brother that I paid $25.00 for just over 2 lbs. Yikes, wish I could find a patch here. Saute some up then add to scrambled eggs. We have been ramping a lot over the past week!

  2. Hey, good intel on the ramps, especially after the questions on Chowhound a while back. Are they still around? Got them at Trout Market I assume?

    1. Hey, no I have not found any at the market. Did you see some? My friend, Andrea, sourced some for me. Would love to find some more. The biscuits were awsome!

      Ciao, P

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