• Victoria says:

    My TidBitZ tomorrow is about autumn, too, and the shift in seasonal produce is certainly a signal that fall is here. We have a lovely Farmer’s Market here in Santa Barbara and when the peaches and pears start to give way to more apples and winter squash, I know it’s time to think about making some soup for winter!
    Thanks for the lovely ideas and photos!

    • Phyllis says:

      Great to hear from you Victoria…know what you mean! I love this time of the year, all the colours are so magnificent and bright! Soup, glorious soup! Made zucchini, carrot soup yesterday, first soup of the season, will be posting the recipe in the next day or so. Making homemade tagliatelle with chanterelle mushrooms,from our farmer’s market yesterday, greens with apples just picked from our trees, some local grapes, bit of gorgonzola, voila, fall! Our Thanksgiving is just around the corner, hard to believe. Almost time to put away the outdoor furniture…so sad! Hubby thinks he did his last barbecue on Saturday…ha! I didn’t agree to anything.

      Ciao, P

  • Frank says:

    I actually look forward to fall for its wonderful produce. But for some reason, I’m not quite ready to give up the summer this year. Not that Mother Nature is listening…

    • Phyllis says:

      Me too, Frank, but while everyone is moaning about the end of summer I’m already in planning mode…there are so many terrific things to work with! Still, slowly bringing in the figs…they are not as good as they could be…so fig chutney I think. A few more zucchini to pick this weekend and then the plants will be removed. Sungolds picked, frozen for a sauce of some kind, plants gone too…the backyard looks kind of sad. Had to get rid of an apple tree (we had two in pots, especially developed to be grown in post) but after 20 years it got some sort of disease, so it had to go. Looking forward to what the next planting season will bring!

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